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Planed Finance through Innovations and Business Development.International Consulting Agency Sweden is a center for Innovations and Business Development. We are cooperating with Governments on different levels. Governmental Institutions and Managers. Ministers. Non-Governmental Organizations. Regional Organizations. Universities and Research Institutions. Municipalities and Authorities. Companies and Business Managers. Business Associations. Chamber of Commerce. National and International Trade Organizations.

                Fuel saving technology, big as a cigarette package! Easy to install! No maintenance! 100% safe! Cheaper!
                   More information here. You will be surprised!
Using the moisture in the air to increase combustion of the fuel
                   in vehicles
; trucks, tractors, cars etc.!
Save up to 15-20% in fuel costs!

Bränslesparande teknik, stor som ett cigarettpaket! Lätt att installera! Inget underhåll! 100% säker! Billigare!                    Mer information här. Du kommer bli förvånad! Använder fukten i luften för att öka förbränningen av bränslet
                  i fordonet;
långtradare, lastbilar, traktorer, personbilar m.m.
! Spara upp till 15-20% av bränslekostnaderna!

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